BeeP!bLue JEllybEEp!

Attack of The Psycho Killer Space Jello!!!!

The Psycho Killer Space Jello is actually jello made(by accident) on the planet XernShann becuase "there's allways room for jello" after all.

Once a year on February 30th they hold the Amazing Jello Carnival of Nothing(It's pretty neat,Or would be if it wasn't nothing and on a day that doesn't,go figure.)

2027..The day of first contact. It would've been 10 years earlier, but all the scientists at the lab were sleeping and eating donuts. So they didn't notice.. Anyway, on this day, radio transmissions are recieved and contact is made. blahblah Nothing much happens for awhile. (except that all the major religions go insane and attempt to re-write their beliefs and values in a desperate attempt to keep their believers >:))

...In 2050 it will invade Earth and take over as a result on the Blue and Green Jello's war on the annoying Purple Jello.. It also had something to do with the wonderous question of "Why do dounts have holes?" Cows, being decided to be the most intelligent creatures on Earth, will be worshipped like gods. Donuts will also have special privalages and other stuff.. No one will ever figure out why they have holes in their middles though... Humans,however, will be enslaved and killed, kept as pets, put in zoos,or manufactured in "Instant Humans" packages. (Maybe there's allways room for humans?)In other words,nothing special..


Well,why the hell not??? Have you ever tried to talk to Purple Jello?? Didn't think so...Try it some time and maybe you'll understand :P Besides,who knows? Maybe you'll be in an Instant Humans package....

Is there any chance to stop it?

No.. sorry, but, humans are far too stupid for that.. Maybe the cows will help you if you're really really nice. Other than that... We're all doomed!! MUAHAHAHHA!!!! *have a nice day* :)

A Basic Jello Colour Personality List

Blue - Violent/Ecstatic

Green - Pessimistic/Jealous

Pink - Sickeningly Sweet

Purple - Annoying

Red - Short Tempered

Yellow - What??

Orange - Kinda Shy

Sparkling Grape/Mandarin Orange/Wildberry - Jello with class - Rich whiny bastards who think they should own everything..

Clear - Jello in its natural state - naked :P

Jello Pudding?!?

And as for the jello with fruit thingys in it....It's kinda like Jello with an inflated ego(a know it all)

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dysLExIC DREams oF mAdNESs?!

The Lawnmower - A Short Film

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Jello Wiggles - A page devoted to Jello!!

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